Future Roof

The Peak of Protection

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A Green Choice

Future Roof products are durable, beautiful and protect the environment.

Energy Star® Partner

Energy Star® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, identifying products that reduce energy consumption and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Future Roof® products are Energy Star® Compliant.

Lifetime product made from recycled and recyclable materials

Metal does not have the limitations of many other conventional roofing materials, which can rot, split, crack, require frequent replacement, and are disposed of in our landfills. Metal roofing is made from recycled and recyclable materials, and is therefore an environmentally sustainable roofing choice.

Reflective surface

Cool roof pigments reduce home’s temperature during summertime heat, making your home more comfortable while reducing urban heat island effect.


Cool Roofing

Future Roof is a “Cool Roofing” system that reflects and emits solar energy. Cool Roofing reduces building cooling expenses and mitigates the Urban Heat Island Effect. • Improved occupant comfort • Reduced air-conditioning costs • Complies with green building programs

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