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Future Roof® Shingle Roofing

Future Roof® Steel Shingles combine the appeal of classic cedar shingles with the warmth, strength and durability of the best coating available, Durapon 70 / Hylar 5000 to produce a roofing product which replicates the rich, deep-hewn texture of wood. For those who appreciate a classic, refined appearance, these shingles provide outstanding performance and value. Re-roof again for the last time, with our lifetime warranted Future Roof® Steel Shingles.

  • Available in an assortment of beautiful colors
  • Lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty
  • Lightweight in comparison to traditional roofing materials
  • Will not rot, split, curl or break. Fire resistant for added protection
  • Four-way locking system guards against high winds up to 110 mph

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Steel Shingle Roof
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