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Future Roof® Spanish Tile Roofing

Future Roof® Spanish Tile is an attractive tile profile resembling traditional clay roofing tiles and is available in a variety of colors. This roofing material offers the same aesthetic benefits as Future Roof’s Mediterranean Tile, but its through-fastening system allows for faster and easier installation.

Like Mediterranean Tile, Spanish Tile combines the classic and elegant clay tile appearance with low maintenance and lightweight G-90 steel.

  • Continuous airflow beneath this roofing system augments the cooling effect of these naturally reflective metal roofing materials and reduces freeze thaw cycling.
  • The through-fastening system of Spanish Tile allows for simpler, quicker and less costly installation
  • The heavily galvanized, color-coordinated, DT2000, self-tapping screws are up to four times more corrosion-resistant than industry standards
  • More structurally sound than other materials
  • Excellent wind, hail and earthquake-damage resistance
  • Rinses clean naturally during rainfall
  • Virtually maintenance free.

Spanish Tile Roofing 01

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